From pure whites to complex and sophisticated patterns.



Seamless integration into your Corian® Solid Surface benchtop.



Free standing vessel and seamlessly integrated Corian® Solid Surface options.

Charging Device

Charging Devices

The ability to charge smart phones and tablets directly on your Corian® Solid Surface.

Whats New

HUGE 50% OFF Sink & Tap package

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Feature Project

The Auckland House Office project by Creative Spaces

This total refit features a faceted reception counter in back-lit Corian® Witch Hazel, with precision cut pieces of Corian® Solid Surface attached to a steel frame. More >

Feature Project



Specify, Fabricate & Use Corian® Solid Surface with Confidence.

Corian® Solid Surface is an advanced blend of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third acrylic resin. It is the original, trusted and global Number One Solid Surface, having been made by DuPont™ since 1967.

It is backed by comprehensive DuPont™ Warranties – the Corian® Solid Surface 10 Year Residential Warranty covers installation as well as product replacement, and is also transferable to new owners – providing enhanced peace of mind.

The New Zealand Corian® Solid Surface Colour Collections contain desirable colours and patterns at a range of price points. These have been cherry-picked from the DuPont™ Global Colour Palette to suit New Zealand design. The most popular colours and patterns are supported by a unique selection of matching and fully integratable sinks & basins.

Innovations such as the Corian® Organics Collection colours (where each sheet is entirely unique), Corian® Charging Surface (for wireless charging of phones & tablets) and Deep Colour Technology™ (which makes black colours more user-friendly) ensure Corian® Solid Surface continues to evolve.

The qualified network of Authorised Corian® Solid Surface Fabricators are experts and are comprehensively trained and then audited to ensure quality, best practice & compliance. Click here to find an Authorised Fabricator.

Finally, APT Innovation, the New Zealand Distributor, has expert team members who have been working with Corian® Solid Surface for over 20 years.

With all this, it is no wonder Corian® Solid Surface can absolutely be specified, fabricated and used with confidence.


Corian® Solid Surface keeps its good looks and survives the impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear.

Since its introduction, Corian® Solid Surface has proven itself to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments. Corian® cannot delaminate, the joints are inconspicuous and fluids cannot penetrate. 

Corian® Solid Surface has a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. Marks and stains stay on the surface and can easily be removed with a soft cloth and Ajax™ Spray'n'Wipe™. Tougher stains respond well to Jif™ Cream Cleanser and a soft cloth. 

Corian® Solid Surface is non-porous and hygenic. Its smooth surface does not allow liquids to penetrate and that makes it easy to clean. Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When Corian® looks clean, it really is clean. 

Corian® Solid Surfaces are renewable and inherently environmentally friendly. Stains can be erased without a trace by using standard household cleaners. Just a little effort will soon return the surface of Corian® to mint condition, and if the worst happens, cracks can usually be repaired on site. 

Colour-coordinated Joint Adhesive bonds Corian® Solid Surface with inconspicuous seams. This results in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element. The seamless look of integrated Corian® Solid Surfaces, sinks and basins also means there are no crevices to trap dirt or bacteria.